Embody by Herman Miller

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The Embody seat and back are a dynamic matrix of pixels that stimulates blood and oxygen flow by reducing seated pressure. All that oxygen helps you think better. The chair back adjusts instinctively to every move you make and keeps support of your lower back constant. Embody keeps you in a neutral, balanced posture as you work, so you stay relaxed and focused.

The edge of the seat is flexible, taking pressure off of your thighs. The backing of the chair, a real attention grabber with it’s beautiful and intricate design, is able to bend and lean with you, no matter what angle you’re sitting at. Most chairs either go backward or forward; the Embody Chair can go backward and forward at the same time, not to mention sideways and torqued positions. It’s meant to keep your back comfy, and users who sit in the Embody Chair for long periods of time report increased mood and productivity, as well as never having to get up to stretch their legs or move around to get their circulation going.


  • Frame and casters are made from steel, plastic, and aluminum
  • 4-mesh seat is made from foam, textile, and other material


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