Mirra by Herman Miller

Life calls for jumping from task to task, focus to focus, and this office chair is agile enough for them all. Lean, light, and responsive, Mirra chair’s support starts with a flexible design that allows your body to move freely and naturally.

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Designed for freedom and movement, the Mirra office chair is for people whose work style doesn’t leave much room for sitting still. The intuitive adjustments and dynamic materials support a range of bodies, making this flexible office chair the perfect seat to share with coworkers and family. Mirra 2 comes with two back options to further fine-tune your fit: The ultra-responsive Butterfly Back for a dynamic suspension membrane and the durable, easy-to-clean TriFlex back.
  • Unique Loop Spine provides torsional flex.
  • Breathable materials allow for maximum airflow.
  • Move freely with ergonomic technology that allows you to stretch, reach, or recline smoothly.
  • FEATURE 2 Unique Loop Spine provides torsional flex. FEATURE 3 Made of up to 53 percent recycled materials, Mirra 2 is up to 92 percent recyclable.


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