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Re-imagined. Revised. Reconstructed. The new Steelcase Think Chair has a decade of tasking comfort behind it in the previous version – and now it’s even better. It’s smart enough to understand how you sit. You’ll find that it supports your posture without forcing you to make tedious adjustments.

So what makes the Think Chair better than its predecessor? Each and every feature has been improved upon, and a key feature has been added. Everything but the casters and a single piece of hardware has been completely re-engineered. Let’s explore the new Think Chair:

Available in Black Mesh Back with Black Fabric Seat and Black Base.

New Features:

  • New: Integrated Live-Back System – Newly redesigned, the flexible back frame is more integrated than ever. Your natural movement is uninhibited – and yet extremely well-supported. The Live-Back is comprised of flexors that are linked together (the previous version had unlinked flexors) to provide more integrated and prescribed movement.
  • New: Dual-energy Lumbar The Think Chair’s dynamic back support is provided using two springs. The springs’ energy makes for more comfortable lumbar support. It also provides structure and integrity to the entire backrest for balanced support, and can easily be re-positioned to meet you where you most need support.
  • New: Adaptive Bolstering Adaptive bolstering in the seat cushion creates a custom comfort pocket. The seat foam is cored (small cylinders are cut out of it) to allow for more compression in some areas of the seat than others. This improvement to the Think Chair’s seat structure allows the foam to adapt to your unique size and shape
  • New: Advanced Synchronized Tilt Mechanism The Think Chair’s tilt mechanism has been improved by the addition of synchronized tilt, which means the backrest and seat are synchronized to move together in a specific ratio. It’s simple to use, working without you having to give it a thought. Your back will recline more naturally and fluidly.
  • Improved: Recline Tension & Angle Think features four comfort settings: weight-activated, weight-activated with 20% boost, mid-stop recline, and upright back lock. You’ll adjust these by simply turning a dial and finding which one suits your working posture.
  • Adjustable Arms Height, width, pivot, depth-adjustable arms keep your arms level, even in a reclined posture, without reclining with the chair. This innovative armrest position allows Think to keep your arms in the perfect position to type comfortably.
  • Adjustable Seat Height The seat can be raised 5″ from its lowest position, giving you enough range for comfort.
  • Adjustable Seat Depth The seat depth can be extended from 15.5″ deep to 18″ deep. Those with longer legs will appreciate the additional depth.
  • Environmentally Safe, 99% Recyclable
  • Tested for up to 300 Lbs.


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